Questions  about Haunted Land answered from the Bible.

Numbers  35 : 33  So  ye shall not pollute the  LAND  whereein ye are : for   BLOOD  it defileth the land. 

Why  Is  Land  Haunted  ?

There will be many reasons why land is haunted. Some properties have  violent hauntings and some have little activity.

First let me say that the land is haunted because someone gave the sprits an invitation , which is called a legal ground.

Usually the spirits will manifest in the same way that the legal was given. For example if someone committed suicide on the land. You might hear a sound like a rope swinging or a loud thump that sounds like something is hitting the floor. This would tell you that a suicide is the legal ground and the curse that is on the land because of the suicide must be broken in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Here are some reasons why land is haunted:

1. A spirit might have a legal ground if someone used witchcraft on the land. 

2. Someone might have buried idols or a cursed object on the property.

3. Holding seiances on the property .

4.Psychics were allowed to operate on the property. 
    Deuteronomy  18 : 9 - 12.                                         

5. Murder was committed.

The list goes on ,  basically its a sin committed on the property that allows demons to dwell on  the haunted land.

Who are the ghosts that are haunting the land

Who are the spirits ?

The Bible says in Luke chapter 16 verse 22 And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angeles into Abraham's bosom; the rich man also died, and was buried; verse 23 And in hell he lifted up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus his bosom. verse 24 And he cried and said Father Abraham, have mercy on me and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame. verse 25 But Abraham said, Son remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.
Hebrews 9 : 27 And it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. Nobody comes back.
People go to Heaven or Hell according to the Bible . So who are the spirits that are appearing as humans ? They are Demons. The Bible says in Second Corinthians Chapter 11 verse 14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. His demons can appear as angeles of light as well. Demons will appear as familiar spirits. Familiar Spirits are spirits that give an appearance of a person that is familiar to a human being. For example : Demons know the history of the property and the person, so they can take on their appearance of any person  so you feel comfortable  in talking to them.
We are not to talk to any spirits. Because the Bible says In Deuteronomy 18 : 9 - 12 that we are not to communicate with the dead. Nor are we to contact mediums or Psychics, Ghost Hunters or Ghost Investigators to help us contact or detect the spirits.

How to get rid of ghosts that are haunting the land :

If you are the owner  or renter of the land and a Christian, then you can stop the haunting.  If you are just visiting the haunted land,  there is something you must do to protect yourself , which I will discuss later.

Cast out demons only if you own or rent on the land.

You must be a believer in Jesus Christ in order to cast out demons. For the Bible says that only the Believer can cast out demons, Mark 16 : 17 . The ghosts are not people as I mentioned above regarding Who are the ghosts ?  I invite you now to become a believer in Christ. You do not have to go to a "church building" to be a believer. You can study the Bible at home.  It's good to be with other believers, but you can not always do this if you learn to start casting out demons.  You will be a rare Christian.  Many Christians will not want to be near you because you are casting out demons.  All Christians in the Bible cast out demons. You will notice that you will rarely find "churches" that cast out demons and can help with hauntings. Don't worry if you are a cast out. Jesus Christ was not accepted.
Read  my article on
www.deliveranceminister.com to learn how to evangelize.

How to become a Believer in Christ: You must accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. To accept Jesus Christ is to believe everything that He says in the King James Bible.(He cast out demons).  Confess your and your ancestors  sins to God,  Forgive yourself and others for whatever was done in the past. If a person is harmful then you don't have to go or tell that person you forgave them. Now you can cast out demons.

2. Please do not use any objects to remove spirits such as crosses or holy water. You don't need to call anyone,, such as a priest, psychic or paranormal investigator because Jesus gave you the authority   Mark  16  : 17  Jesus gave all BELIEVERS  the authority to cast out demon.  

3. Ask the Father in the Name of Jesus Christ to protect you. Bind any demons that are there to stop you from doing deliverance. Say I bind any demons that are sent here to stop the deliverance in the Name of Jesus Christ.

4. Forgive all the people who have sinned on the Haunted Land . Say Father I forgive all who have sinned  on this land and hope they are born again .

5. Break Curses -  Curses would be a legal ground that the spirits have to haunt the land.  Say...I break any curses that were brought in by sins committed  on this land (mention sins that might have been committed like murder)  in the Name of Jesus Christ.

6. Break and return any Witchcraft Curses that might have been placed on the  haunted  land . Say the following prayer :
In the name of JESUS Christ, I cover myself and all that are present with me with the Blood of JESUS Christ. I ask for giant warrior angels to protect us. As your war club and weapons of war, I break down, undam, and blow up all walls of protection around all witches, warlocks, wizards, satanists, sorcerers, and the like, and I break the power of all curses, hexes, vexes, spells, charms, fetishes, psychic prayers, psychic thoughts, all witchcraft, sorcery, magic, voodoo, all mind control, jinxes, potions, bewitchments, death, destruction, sickness, pain, torment, psychic power, psychic warfare, prayer chains, incense and candle burning, incantations, chanting, blessings, hoodoo, crystals, root works, and everything else being sent my way, or my family member's way, or any Deliverance Ministries way, and I return it, and the demons to the sender, SEVENFOLD, and I bind it to them by the Blood of Jesus, and I cut and burn their ungodly silver cord and lay lines, in JESUS  Christ Name.

7. Remove , burn  or break all hidden objects or any objects that would give spirits a legal ground to stay on the property such as  idols - statues of Jesus Christ, Mary or saints, medals or angles Exodus 20.  Items may be buried  or hidden on the property.   Digging on the property does not mean that you are disturbing the spirits . The hauntings  are caused by a legal ground.

8. You must bind demons. Say I bind all demons in the Name Of Jesus Christ.

9. Now you must cast  out demons.  Say I cast out all demons in the Name of Jesus Christ. Keep casting them out until they leave. It takes a long time for demons to leave because they might have been there for years.

10. Sometimes there are demons there that don't have a legal ground. Bind and cast them out in the Name of Jesus Christ.

11. Anyone who is visiting the haunted property  must  say I cover myself with the Blood Of Jesus Christ, Ask for God's protection. I bind all demons here and command you to stay away in the name of Jesus Christ.

12. When you enter any property such  as graveyards, houses, parks, grocery stores, or buildings,  protect yourself because you can not always detect hauntings.  Say this prayer : I cover my family and myself with the blood of Jesus Christ and command all demons to stay away in the Name of Jesus Christ.



For   people  that  are  haunted.  If you can see or sense spirits this does not
                    mean that you have a gift and must accept it. 


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